Based in Mid Ulster, Labsolni is dedicated to providing a broad range of essential science services and practical laboratory solutions to schools throughout Northern Ireland.

Labsolni understands the day to day difficulties, concerns and needs of a busy science department and its staff. With over 30 years’ experience working in one of Northern Ireland’s top voluntary grammar schools, Labsolni’s founder has accrued an invaluable wealth of knowledge and expertise relating to almost all the practical and health & safety requirements crucial to the safe and efficient running of a successful science department.

In recent years, as Health & Safety at Work legislation entrusts employers, local authorities or governing bodies with the responsibility for the wellbeing of their employees and pupils, the establishment of a safe working environment within science departments has become essential.

Labsolni understand the demand this places on employers tasked with identifying and sourcing the correct service provisions needed to comply with such legislation. Labsolni also appreciates that workload and time constraints on staff, combined with the costs pertaining to training and the procurement of dedicated test and service equipment, makes internal delivery of such services impractical.

Consequently, Labsolni offers schools the opportunity to employ an external one- stop company capable of providing the appropriate services and solutions necessary to alleviate most of their science department’s health, safety and practical needs. To achieve this, Labsolni closely adheres to best-practice guidelines when performing the regular inspection, testing, maintenance and servicing of systems and apparatus required to operate in a safe and approved manner.

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