Water Tap Maintenance, Repair & Replacement

The Problems:

Leaks, blockages, loss of pressure control and splashing are all problems associated with the wear, tear and daily mishandling of school science laboratory water taps. Generally, these problems are caused by missing outlet nozzles, broken or missing hand wheels, loose inlet piping and fixing bolts, or varying combinations of each. Whichever it is, the overall result is an inconvenient interruption in good supply at the associated workbench.

Water Tap 2

Water Tap 4

Our Service:

Labsolni offers regular out-of-hours water-tap maintenance, repair and component replacement of almost all taps in current use. Spare parts or equivalently rated new taps will be sourced and fitted as quickly as is practically possible.

The taps shown are just a sample from the many models available in the SALES section of our website. If you require new/replacement taps, please choose from the extensive range available to meet your requirements and contact us for a quotation.

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