Irwin Power Supply

Irwin Power Supply With Metal Casing

Irwin Power Supply Repair & Case Replacements

For many years, Irwin power packs have been the preferred choice of low voltage ac/dc supply units in schools. Their affordability, reliability and output stability making them compatible with almost all science practical set ups where a low voltage supply is necessary.

Recently, however, constant handling and prolonged usage have resulted in faulty/worn out components and damaged casings, making the power supplies inoperable or structurally and electrically unsafe, thus failing portable appliance testing. These problems result in broken or damaged power packs being stored away, discarded, or replaced at great expense.

To resolve these issues, Labsolni will collect your faulty/broken or damaged power supplies, service and replace electronic components if required, replace damaged casings where necessary, and return to you as new.

Three cases are available in plastic: original blue, gloss black and clear.

A robust metal case (gloss black) is also available, highly resistant to case cracking and breakage.

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