The Problem:

With general everyday use, older electrical and electronic laboratory equipment can become faulty or break down as their components ultimately degrade and fail. This usually results in high quality apparatus being stored, discarded or unnecessarily replaced at great expense.

Our Service: (Excluding ICT Equipment)

Assessment: Labsolni will collect your broken or faulty equipment before carrying out an assessment to determine whether repairs are practical or uneconomical. Thereafter, a report sheet will be generated listing the diagnosed fault/faults and assigning costs to associated replacement parts and servicing.

Approval: With approval, Labsolni will carry out the required repairs and return the equipment in good working order. If the apparatus is uneconomical to repair, Labsolni can return or environmentally dispose of the broken/faulty equipment.

More often, repair costs prove much less expensive than equipment replacement. This ensures large departmental savings and the preservation of high quality, tried and tested apparatus.

Please Click Here if you require a quotation for the inspection and repair of laboratory equipment.


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