Bunsen Burner Servicing & Repair

With Bunsen burners at the forefront of everyday use within science laboratories, severe wear and tear and continual exposure to corrosive chemicals and hazardous solutions makes regular maintenance an essential requirement to ensure safe function and operation.

A clean flame with good gas/air mix

A clean flame with good gas/air mix

The Dangers:

Whether supplied by Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) or natural gas, dirty barrels, jammed/stiff or corroded collars, cracked or perished gas inlet tubing, clogged air holes or blocked gas outlet nipples all contribute to incorrect gas to air ratios or a dangerous interruption or accumulation in supply. Separately, or in combination, such conditions can lead to a hazardous build-up of gas resulting in ignition flashes or the creation of tall, dirty flames with high gas content.

Our Service

On request, Labsolni will collect your faulty Bunsen burners, replace any faulty parts and tubing, disassemble, clean, service, reassemble, test to ensure correct and safe operation, then return to you in good working order.

Even with cheaper Bunsen burners currently on the market, this is still a more economical alternative to unnecessary bulk disposal and replacement.

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