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When using microscopes in the school science laboratory, clean optics is essential for perfect imaging. For successful microscopy it is crucial that cleaning and maintenance is carried out at regular intervals. Where possible, it is good practice to service frequently used microscopes annually.

The problems

Dirt & dust
Deterioration (aberration and blurring) of the visual image can be affected by the presence of dirt or dust on the following components:

Binocular Microscope

Binocular Microscope

  • cover slip

  • specimen slide

  • protective glass covering the illumination source

  • bulb

  • objective or eyepiece lens

In schools, simple and straight forward procedures can be established by the teacher or technician to greatly reduce most of the effects of the above. However, the presence of dirt or dust on the internal and external surfaces of the objective or eyepiece lens does require more specialised and dedicated cleaning methods to be employed. These can be difficult to preform correctly and very time consuming if multiple microscopes are in use.

Component wear & failure

Microscope maintenance and servicing are also critical when considering getting the most out of an optical instrument. Costly repairs due to the mishandling or failure of mechanical parts, or the unnecessary build-up of expensive microscopes in some dark corner or store, can easily be avoided by employing a skilled service technician at regular intervals.

Our service

A qualified and experienced Labsolni engineer, with sound knowledge of optical systems and instruments, will methodically carry out the following procedures, where necessary, to clean, maintain and service common microscopes used in the laboratory.

  • Remove the optics – objective and eyepiece lens, condenser, mirror and gimbal

  • Dismantle the mechanical parts – body tube, condenser focusing system & coarse focusing knobs and slide

  • Remove coarse focusing pinion and spindle

  • Clean the optics (condenser, mirror, objective lens, eyepiece lens & angled heads)

  • Clean and lubricate the mechanical parts

  • Reassemble

  • Check for a clear image and freely moving parts



For each microscope, Labsolni will complete and provide to the client a detailed service sheet stating the work carried out, any necessary repairs and the required replacement parts.

Upon completion of service and/or repairs, Labsolni will label each microscope accordingly.


If requested, Labsolni will source spare parts

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