13A Mains Socket Testing:

Socket Tester

Socket Tester

On its own, or in combination with portable appliance testing, it can be advantageous to test 13A, BS1363 mains sockets to ensure correct wiring conditions and identify any faults requiring further investigation.

Our service:

On request, Labsolni can provide whole-school or departmental testing of all live 13A sockets.

Testing will identify the following fault conditions:

  • Live Neutral (LN) Reverse

  • No Earth

  • Neutral (N) Fault

  • Live Earth (LE) Reverse

  • Earth Neutral (EN) Fault

  • Live Earth Neutral (LEN) Fault

  • Live (L) Fault

All faulty sockets will be repaired on request, or clearly labelled stating the fault condition.

On completion, Labsolni will provide a detailed report of testing.

Labsolni will carry out complimentary socket testing for all new portable appliance testing customers.

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