Re-circulatory/filtration fume cupboard replacement filters

Labsolni supply quality assured, re-circulatory/filtration fume cupboard filters, manufactured to a high standard and filled with high quality grade carbons. Each performs efficiently, retaining impressive levels of hazardous organic contaminates and acidic or alkaline gases. Filters are impregnated with additives to ensure environmental risk free disposal.

Replacement of Recirculatory Filter Fume Cupboard filters is necessary in accordance with an agreed schedule or as the result of a test fail indicating an excessive loss of absorption capacity obtained by saturation tests.

It is recommended that for most schools, testing for filter saturation can be avoided if:

Filters in fume cupboards with normal use, used in laboratories, are changed every 4 years.

Filters in fume cupboards with heavy use, used in laboratories, are changed every 3 years.

Filters in fume cupboards used in preparatory rooms are changed every 2 years.

If you require a quality assured, competitively priced filter, giving excellent performance, please Click Here to contact us for a quotation.

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Replacement filters, including pre-filters, are available for most laboratory fume cabinets including:

Bioquell (Astec, Astecair (4000 series & EDU), Monair, Forensic & Sensair)

Bigneat (Chemcap)


Erlab (AVP, AVVP, Captair, Filtair, Midcap, Safety Sheild and Toxicap)

Gelaire (Safelab Airone series)

Labcaire (AURA, Misonix, Labcaire)

Safelab (Airone R, RS)

Others are available on request

Labsolni aim to deliver and install your replacement filter within 2 – 3 weeks.

Correct environmental disposal of your old filter is complimentary.

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