Educational Laboratory Microscopes

Labsolni supply competitively priced, quality, educational microscopes. Our pre-sales, sales and after sales service, combined with professional support and advice on all technical matters, makes our products an excellent first choice when endeavouring to meet your curriculum’s specifications and needs.  All models come with a one-year warranty.

Labsolni also supply a wide range of advanced microscopes for medical and industrial use. These include metallurgical, fluorescence, polarisation and comparison microscopes. Other ranges of biological and stereoscopic microscopes are also available. Please contact us if you are interested in any of these products.

Biological Microscopes

LSME-300E Series

Biological Educational Microscopes

Accessories & Spares

Accessories & Spares

Compound microscopes are used to view very small specimens such as cells, pond life samples, and other microscopic life forms.

A monocular eyepiece has one objective lens and one body tube for monocular vision which gives an increased field of view, however limited depth perception.

Binocular microscopes are fitted with double eyepieces allowing both eyes to synchronously produce a single image, thus reducing eyestrain and muscular fatigue.

Stereoscopic Microscopes

Stereoscopic microscopes are used for viewing dissection, fossils and insect specimens.

Stereoscopic vision allows for depth perception of a sample.

Stereoscopic Educational Series

Stereoscopic Educational Series

As product prices fluctuate on a weekly basis, please request a up to date quotation at time of interest.

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