chemical disposal

Hazardous Chemicals

Chemical Disposal

The Problem:

Over a period of time, science departments can build up a large stock of outdated or redundant hazardous chemicals, placing them in out-of-the-way or inappropriate storage areas where they can be dealt with at some later date. Often, uncertainty over safe methods of internal disposal or removal costs can stand in the way.  Also, arrangements for external disposal can be time consuming as detailed spread sheets must be drawn up, unlicensed chemicals identified and disclosed to the appropriate authorities, and packaging carried out before reputable companies can be sourced and quotations obtained which generally exclude the enormous hidden charges added their final bill.

Our Service:

Labsolni offers an all-in-one package for the hassle free removal and disposal of your chemical waste. Just contact us and we will:

  • Provide a consultation and advice service where we review your chemical list and provide detailed information on those chemicals suitable for self-disposal. For the remainder of your chemicals, Labsolni organise and arrange their disposal through the best priced and most reputable company. We will even come to your school to package and label your chemicals for collection.

Labsolni have a fixed charge of £300.00 for this service, and find the savings you make with self-disposal and organised third-party disposal to be very cost effective.

If you think our service is one you would like to avail of, please Click Here to send us your list so we can begin the process to:

  • Produce a detailed report listing all the chemicals suitable for self disposal.

  • Identify unlicensed chemicals and notify the relative authority (PSNI) of their pending disposal.

  • Source a reputable licensed disposal company.

  • Correctly pack, label/tag your hazardous chemicals.

  • Arrange for their collection and disposal.

Labsolni will also seek rebates when recyclable waste is recoverable.

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