Chemical Storage Cupboards

Our range of bench top or freestanding, filtered storage cupboards are ideal for use in laboratory environments where harmful substances are stored.

Two sizes are available:

  • 700 mm wide

  • 1800 mm wide

Chemical Storage Cabinets

Chemical Storage Cupboards


  • Harmful fumes pass through the units filters, re-circulating clean air back into the laboratory.

  • Carbon and HEPA filters are available to suit most laboratory applications.

  • There is no need for expensive ducting to be installed due to the units recirculatory airflow.

  • Its ductless construction allows for the unit to be easily moved.

  • Product manufactured in ISO 9001 quality controlled facilities.

Without proper containment and filtration, chemical containers can exude odorous and hazardous vapours in to the laboratory environment. The CSC range of Laboratory Storage Cupboards have been designed to store such containers in a safe and secure manner, filtering off any hazardous fumes & odours, protecting the long term health of laboratory personnel.

Optional accessories include: Pre filters

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